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Book 2 in the Queen of Magic Series OUT NOW

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Queen of Magic

A fantasy series

Follow the Queen of Magic through four dynamic novels, starting with her humble roots as a mere witch to her final title - Queen of Mortals. 

Discover the world of Savros, primarily dominated by humans but filled with nonhuman races, from witches to dwarves, sirens, ogres, and a number of others. Meet the cast of complex characters that reflect real world challenges, from mental illness, to persecution, to sexuality, to family and friendship.

Queen of Magic - The Revolution coming Oct 6th 2021.

Read Part One for free below.

Read part one of Queen of Magic: The Revolution for FREE

Queen of Magic: The Revolution is a courageous tale of a witch’s journey of self-discovery as she joins the nonhuman revolution against the corrupt human monarchy that exploits her world. 


Salaire already lives a tortured and painful nomadic life alongside her mother when she is confronted by an obnoxious and magic-wielding being known only as the Dealer. An old deal promised him Salaire’s power, and decades later he’s come to collect. Losing her mother, her freedom, and her will to fight, Salaire is broken down until she makes an agonizing deal of her own with the Dealer. 


Battling her physically and emotionally brutal past, she must join forces with others who have lives as remarkable and burdened as her own. To wage such a revolt against the nation’s most powerful, Salaire will need to surround herself with daring heroes who can help her acknowledge those same qualities in herself. Can she truly learn to trust, rebuild her self-worth, and possibly even find love in this epic quest?


Blending the magical adventures of Lord of the Rings and the enlightening self-discovery of The Hunger Games, Queen of Magic: The Revolution will place you right in the heart of this legendary adventure.

Their time has come. Will you join them?

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