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Join the Queen of Madness

Preview Team

Who Are We

What is the Preview Team?

In short, I send you free digital books leading up to release. You have some time before release to read them, then I send a few reminders leading up to and around release day to humbly request you leave a review. Totally honest reviews only, and even that is a request, not a requirement. 


Since Queen of Madness is a sequel, I'm also offering the first book free as part of this Preview Team. Wil I do that again for book 3? Who knows. 

Join the team!

2 books for the price of, like, 3ish emails and being asked to review.

Click here to download both books as a Zip file

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Why do you need my email?

I'm going to send a few emails around release day (October 24th) to remind you the books exist and to request a review. Specifically for book 2 but reviews for both are also wonderful and lovely and deeply appreciated, even if they are not 5 star.

If you're already part of an email list, you may wonder why I need your email again. It's just so I can stay organized about who to message about this specifically. 

What if I want to pay for the book to support an indie author?

This is a fun problem. You are more than welcome to buy the book after release in your preferred format. But let's just say there is a reason I'm offering them for free in hopes of getting day one reviews - they are that valuable and then some. 

What if I don't have time to read the books or leave a review?

It happens - no problem. There is no condition to getting these books around leaving a review. It's not a requirement - just a request. 

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