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About Me

Who I Am

I fell in love with writing when I was 8 years old. I knew then that I wanted to be an author. It would take years before I realized that I really love storytelling, and that novels are just my favorite medium. 

I was raised primarily in central Texas in the US. I live in Austin, Texas, mostly ignoring the live music part of it. My day job is in HR. I think I'm just obsessed with people on a grand scale. 

I'm a member of the LGBT+ community and deal with mental illness. The latter informs so much of my writing. After a rough 2018, in 2019 I decided to re-released my most recent novel under a new pen name along with the rest of the series. 

My novels deal with themes surrounding trauma, healing, found family, and learning how to be yourself - whatever that means. These characters deal with real problems in a fictional setting, including mental illness, abuse, assault, violence, and heartbreak. While I do not write particularly vivid scenes of violence or abuse, they are referenced in these novels. Be prepared, should any of those topics hit nerves in you. 

Above all, I hope my writing does no harm. My intent is to provide more representation across race, gender, sexuality, size/shape, and disability. I will almost certainly screw up, but I am here to learn. Please reach out to me via my contact page to let me know if I mis-step. I will address and correct any mistakes as I am able.

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