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Queen of Madness

The Fae Queen

The revolution was the easy part.
Six months have passed, and the witch queen Salaire’s problems have only grown. The human monarchy is in ruins, the fae queen has declared nonhumans her enemy, and Salaire’s personal life is in shambles. Never one to make friends, Salaire must find allies in the mortal world. Ones that she can trust with the fate of her people.

Baar is half of the werewolf twin duo Salaire has taken under her wing. The only thing standing between him and a blinding future is a darkness that has plagued him all his life - himself. Between his self-loathing and fears around his sexuality, Baar’s stone exterior is finally cracking. What will he find underneath?

Daughter of a prominent human noble, Farrah Orelle’s pristine reputation was ruined by the same girl who sought to destroy the witch queen long ago. She’s ready to leave it all behind for the opportunities Kaerus offers. But the terror and mystery of the witch queen looms overhead.

Lastly stands the human princess and Salaire’s half-sister, Vecilia. Despite a lifetime of devout servitude, her beloved family and country are dying before her. Through her eyes, witness the final moments of Messavia and its last chance to change before it is lost forever.

Experience the trials, the pain, and the power that yet lives in the world of Savros as these four lives intertwine to face a growing threat to their world - the Queen of Madness.

Coming 10/24/22
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